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I got scammazed into installing this app

It’s fun

It’s a fun rhythm game

It Was Fun... BUT!

Finally a game that involved some sort of follow the leader/rhythm! I am in love with Rhythm Heaven on the Nintendo DS and Rhythm Tengoku on the Nintendo Gameboy Advance and although this game has no affiliation with Nintendo, I downloaded it immediately when I found out that it was sort of rhythm based... The game was going great and was super fun, but as of lately the game just won’t load. It is stuck on the loading animation of the ostrich in the spotlight and will never actually start the game. I am super sad and will change my review once this bug is sorted out!

Stutter-y gameplay

The app doesn't run smoothly, making it almost impossible to play considering it's a rhythm game. You're either too early or too late, and half of the time it doesn't respond to you trying to tap/swipe.

Freezes up

Incredibly glitchy, never not freezing up. Only one ostrich would have moved and I would die for being late.

Great Game.

The One Problem Is That You Guys Should’ve Made It A Little Bit Faster And Give It A Little More Action But Other Than That. It’s A Really Great Game I Recommend It!

So hilarious

This game is ridiculous. I love it. 10/10 recommend

Still Needs work.

Update: The developer got back to me saying they had done a quick fix. But it did not fix the issue. If anything the response time is worse. I was playing this game on the iPad Pro, but the taps don’t register correctly. I don’t know if it is too sensitive, or what, but I would tap or swipe, and every third or fourth movement would zap my ostrich for being incorrect. This usually happened when the ostrich needed to lift his head, or to swipe up to make him stand. Had lots of fun potential, but not until it works right.


It’s a little hard at first but I got the hang of it after a few try’s but overall it is a pretty good and easy game love it you should try it



“Rhythm game”

Doesn’t go with the music...

Don’t waste your time

This is the most pointless and boring game you’ll find. Don’t download this crap


Sometimes it says I’m too late when it just got to my turn😑

Better than duckz



It’s a good concept and can get frustrating at times. However the app doesn’t react very well and it can cause me to fail. I haven’t had this problem in other more developed games.

Off the beat

It’s a rhythm based game yet the characters “play” in time with the music...?

This game had potential

I started playing this game and thought it was going to be the next app I played all the time, however it wouldn’t always read my touches when moving the ostrich’s head in and out of the ground. I’m very disappointed.

Out Of Sync

The dance moves are not synchronized with the music


I love it but it is kind of hard to beat my high score


i love this game

Doesn't even work

I am trying to move but whenever I tap or swipe to do the moves it never works! Instead I get zapped and burnt. If I could rate 0 stars I would.


Every time I swipe it doesn't work so I get it incorrect don't get the game waist of time

Love it!

cute and addicted!

Not responsive

The ostrich reacts slightly after you tap or swipe making the actions offbeat. The other ostriches don’t move on beat as well. The gameplay is interesting but the lag makes the game not worth installing

Needs work

Controls didn’t work properly. Many times the action register as Incorrect when I made the right action.


It’s an ostrich



It’s ok. But the rhythm is off.

It’s a decent concept (kinds of like one of the games from rhythm heaven for the DS) but totally unsatisfying. The animation and music are completely out of sync. Just because there is a heavy music element does not make it a rhythm game; the gameplay has to match up with beats or off-beats to work. Neat concept, failed execution.


Stupidest ducking game do not get this app. Ostriches are dumb if you get this I will think less of you. Game is dumb. No fun. Not fun gameplay. Ostrich doesn’t listen. 2/10. Listen if you like fun. You’re welcome.

So much fun

I love this game so much!! It’s a lot of fun!

Love it

Cute, fun and catchy! The changes of scenery keep it from getting boring. Awesome game.

It's Okay

It's a very unique game. I like the style, but I wish there was more to the game function. It's a little too simple, and I know that's the trend for mobile games these days but this could use some more. Also, sometimes you'll have enough time to react and other times they'll only give you less than a second to swipe or tap. Or you will react correctly and get an incorrect. Just some things on that that could be tweaked. And I'm sure more content will be added, this is still a new game, I'm just stating that it could have more.


Won't even let me open the app.

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